Lachlan 6-12 months

I felt we turned a corner in the months following that awful first Christmas, Lachlan was a truly happy little man, full of fun and laughter, at last he was gaining weight well and was enjoying food, he loved to be played with, loved the PC, and slowly started to catch up developmentally, at eight months Lachlan mastered sitting, at nine months strangely came supported headstands, at ten months leaning whilst standing and he was crawling by twelve months.

Lachlan still didn’t like people visiting and he hated being spoken to when out in the pram, even people he knew would cause a screaming fit. Sleep was still a huge disaster, Lachlan still wouldn’t sleep through, he would happily fall asleep in our arms but the second you put him in his cot he was straight back up and often for hours at a time.

These months were a very happy settled time for us all, we enjoyed our first family break away, Lachlan was blooming, I started to relax a little thinking perhaps I was being paranoid and overprotective though I still had that nagging doubt which I just couldn’t shrug off.

We had a small family party to celebrate Lachlan’s first Birthday.


6 months
Feeding time


8 months


10 months
On holiday


First Birthday


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