Lachlan’s First Christmas

Finally at aged 6 months life seemed to be improving for us all, Lachlan was so much happier, he loved playing with us all and was turning into quite a character, his big brother and sister were worshiped by him. Lachlans favourite time of day was when they came home from school.
I remember so well us all looking forwards to our first Christmas as a family of five, I had spent hours choosing presents, I bought Lachlan the cutest knitted dungarees in red, the baby’s first Christmas bibs, we were all very excited.
On the 22nd of December Lachlan was not himself, he screamed and screamed, then became very listless, his temperature was sky high and his fontanel at the top his head was bulging constantly, I knew the these were very worrying symptoms, our GP sent us straight to our local hospital, I have never been so frightened, the staff were wonderful, tests were sent off, I held my beautiful boys hands and spoke to him whilst he underwent a lumber puncture, it was all I could do, I was not going to leave him to suffer alone, it was awful seeing him so helpless. Antibiotics were started immediately and Lachlan was given fluids and oxygen, initial tests were inconclusive, he was very wheezy and had a blotchy rash, I was convinced it was meningitis we were very relieved when meningitis was quickly ruled out, although Lachlan was still very poorly.

We stayed in hospital for two nights and on Christmas Eve with Lachlan on the mend we went home to spend Christmas morning as a family, we had to be back at the hospital late morning on Christmas Day and daily for the next week for continuing IV antibiotics, It was the kindest gesture from the paediatrician who knew how awful Lachlans early months had been for us all.

Christmas still did not go at all to plan, Alex came down with a scarily high temperature and even now has no recollection of Christmas 2010, she found toys days later but had no idea they were her presents, we took her in with us to the hospital when we went for Lachlan’s IV antibiotics, she was started on oral antibiotics and allowed home, on Hogmanay December the 31st we received a call late on in the day to inform us both Lachlan and Alex had tested positive for the H1N1 (swine flu) virus, Alex had been vacvinated, we had no idea how, we were stunned, we were the first confirmed cases in our town, we may have been the only confirmed cases.
2009 was the year of the deadly outbreak with it surfacing again in 2010, I am so greatful to the doctors who started both my babies on antibiotics without hesitation, I have no doubt it could have been much worse for both children without; I strongly believe the antibiotics prevented what would have been devastating consequences of complicated secondary infections.

It took both children months to recover fully, both caught every bug going and every time both were floored.

Christmas was awful for us in 2010 but we got the best presents ever, Lachlan and Alex both in time recovered sadly there were others not as lucky.



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