Life for Lachlan 0-6 months

This is Lachlan,

12 days old


8 weeks old

Life has never been easy for Lachlan, as parents we often felt hopeless, we hated to see him suffering, in the early days Lachlan screamed endlessly night and day, puked constantly, suffered horrendous constipation, I remember the first time he slept four hours at about five weeks our, during the night.  I also learned what being asleep before you head hits the pillow really meant, yet if Lachlan had an appointment or someone came into visit he would sleep soundly, due to being a breech baby we had to go for a hip scan with Lachlan, we were able to undress him, he had his scan and we redressed him and he never stirred, it did unnerve me at the time, what do you do though when everyone keeps telling you it is nothing to worry about? We could bath Lachlan and he wouldn’t stir, getting him to feed was hard too, he was either screaming or sleeping, breast feeding was a nightmare as Lachlan seemed to hate being on his side, so tummy to mummy was a disaster and that was before I cut out everything from my diet to try and ease his tummy problems, at times love was all we had to give and it wasn’t enough, once the early issues of milk allergy, eye issues, tongue tie and reflux were dealt with the wheeze and skin problems persisted, we tried inhalers, every cream and ointment there was nothing that worked, then there was the routine vaccinations which unlike my other two who were grizzly for a day or so, floored Lachlan for up to two weeks, he would scream for hours, it got so bad that the vaccinations routinely given together at 2, 3 and 4 months were given individually and finally completed at 20 months, it took so long because Lachlan was never well enough to have them. We were referred to a dietician when Lachlan was 6 months as there were other dietary issues becoming apparent, Lachlan was prescribed a dairy, egg, gluten and soya free diet, for us although difficult to live with this was a little miracle, within six weeks the wheeze was gone and his skin healed, we finally had a happy baby.


6 months old


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